Aquapulco - Die Piratenwelt

I look forward to you all!

Food & drinks in the Pirate World

What do pirates do, when they are hungry? They loot the galley! You can choose from various dining opportunities. Different bars and cafes not only provide you with delicious food, but also with a perfect view to the water world. This way your parents can watch you playing while they have a drink or something to eat.

Here’s where you can appease your hunger and thirst:

  • Restaurant on the family deck
  • Shark bar in the pool
  • Beach bar in the beach area
  • Cafe Ahoi in the outdoor area
  • Cafe Speedy in the entrance area

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

In total 350 pirates can have their meal here. A separated seating area – the family deck – welcomes all ordinary seamen and their parents. And on the panorama deck the “Buccaneer potatoes” and the “Chango-Box” taste even better! But be careful! The cutlass is not a suitable toothpick!

Location: on the upper deck (1st floor), approx. 100 terrace seats


  • fresh, crunchy salads from the buffet
  • WOK dishes (e.g. colourful WOK vegetables with sautéed turkey fillet strips, thai curry with coconut milk sauce)
  • Pasta dishes (e.g. Tortellini filled with spinach and cheese in herb sauce)
  • Grilled food (e.g.: square cuts from the grill with with bacon beans and fries)
  • Children's dishes (e.g: "pirate potatoes"; Chango box with optional nuggets, fish fingers or grilled sausages)
  • Children's buffet (Everything little pirates need for refreshment. Choosing is fun!)
  • refreshing drinks (milkshakes, cocktails, juices, soft drinks, beer, wine...)
  • daily dishes
  • Cake and strudel from the showcase
  • creamy ice cream sunda

Opening hours: sun - thur from 10.30 am to 9 pm, fridays and saturdays to 10 pm

Time will fly for true water rats here at the shark bar and the next pirates’ show with Captain Splash will take place in no time! “Throw someone to the sharks” will get a whole new meaning at the Pirates World: sit in the water, enjoy a refreshing cocktail and drinks ... but be careful! Some pirates may forget the boarding at the slides!

Location: in the pool in the pirates’ bay

Opening hours: daily from from 2.30 pm until closing; on weekends and in holidays from 9.00 am

Even if some people might call you “landsman”: no pirate can help it to go ashore from time to time. Don’t let the ship’s crew tease you! You can always see what´s going on there at the Funny Splash and the pirates’ bay with Captain Splash. You can enjoy your meal and drink at this bar: the grapnels are always ready to go off board.

Location: the quick bar in the beach area at the pirates’ bay

Offer: refreshing drinks, cocktails, ice cream, cakes and coffee, sandwiches

Opening hours: daily from from 2.30 pm until closing; on weekends and in holidays from 9.00 am

From the cafe you have perfect view of Captain Splash and the waterfall, which sweeps down every 4 minutes. Eating and drinking at the Pirate World Aquapulco is very convenient, especially for the parents, as they can watch their children playing at the Captain Splash. Attention, dear parents: allegedly there are some pirates, who like to shower the parents, while they are having their coffee.

Location: in the Aquapulco outdoor area, approx. 100 seats

Offer: refreshing drinks, cocktails, ice cream and sundaes, cakes and coffee, sandwiches

Opening hours in good weather in summer: weekdays: from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm weekends and school holidays: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

If one of the crew members should be late for Aquapulco, you can spend your time waiting here and enjoy something to eat or drink before entering the Pirate World. Or the other way round: if you want to have a small meal or nice drink before you put out to sea, come here and have a little something. Maybe you will even meet Chango and can have a picture taken with him at the Aquapulco!

Location: in the pirates’ world entrance area, approx. 30 seats

Offer: snacks, e.g. pizza-baguettes, refreshing drinks, cakes and coffee, ice cream

Opening hours: daily from 2.30 to 11.00 pm; on weekends and holidays from 9.00 am.

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