Aquapulco - Die Piratenwelt

I look forward to you all!

Your funny Aquapulco adventure souvenir photo!

Take your Aquapulco snapshot home with you

Say CHEEEESE in the “Aqua Click-Arena” for your personal souvenir photo to remember your visit at the Aquapulco. Choose from different photo backgrounds and pose for the “Aqua Click”!

Upload your photo in the “shopping basket” on your bracelet. Before you leave you can print the photos at the “photo-print” station at the entrance turnstile. You get your pirates world souvenir photo in a nice frame.
Have fun with your mega cool pic!

There are also digital photos available, this way you can send your pic as an e-card to all of your friends and family directly from the print station, post it on facebook or download it at home from the pirates’ world homepage with a code. The code can be found on the printed photo.

Adventrue studio photo (15 x 20cm) with souvenir-frame costs only € 4,-!


Take your sliding-snapshot home with you

Action-slide-photos are taken at the water slides Snaky, Kamikaze and the Octopus:

Everyone, who goes down the slide, will be photographed. The photos taken can be seen at the screen at the end of the slides. If you like your photos you can put them into the “basket” on your bracelet and print it at the print station, which is located at the Aquapulco entrance turnstile. This is how easily you get your action-packed pirates world sliding picture.

You can also get a digital photo to send it as an e-card to your friends and family, post it on facebook or download it at home with a code from the pirates world homepage. The photo code can be found on the printed picture.

Action slide photo (15 x 20cm) without frame costs only € 4,-!

Happy sliding!

Photo archive

You can download your pictures here.

The photo code can be found on the printed picture. Please do not use the code from the email!

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