Aquapulco - Die Piratenwelt

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AquapleX - 5D cinema

Experience the unique cinema in the Pirate World Aquapulco! Visit our 40 seats cinema wearing nothing but your swimwear and 3D glasses! According to the particular film showing, the flexible seats are moving, and exciting special effects turn the AquapleX into a 5D cinema. Find yourself in the middle of the adventure! And who knows: may the secret treasure be somewhere here? The tickets are all € 3.00 per person and will be charged on your digital watch at the turnstile at the cinema entrance.

Current cinema program

Please note the starting times at the cinema entrance.

"The Good, The Bad and A Horse"

(duration 11 min.) - ACTION

In the Wild West, a brave young sheriff is pursuing a common villain. After a bank robbery, the villain escapes by train with the help of an extraordinary weapon. But the lawman follows the robber, accompanied by an apple-addicted horse.

Aquarium in the Pirate World Bad Schallerbach
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