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Daily: 09:00 - 22:00
Saturdays: 09:00 - 24:00
Baths closing 30 minutes earlier


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We are looking forward to your visit!

Captain Splash & Chango – your hosts

Arr, water rats! Visit the great attraction in Austria

I am Captain Splash – your host in the new pirates’ water-world in Bad Schallerbach, where I found a new home for me and my companion Chango – the little monkey. Visit the pirates’ bay with your family and meet us.

Ahoi in der Piratenwelt

Once upon a time I was sailing with my crew on the southern seas, looking for treasures. Our hunt led us directly to a desert island in the big ocean. It said on our treasure map that on this island a vast treasure was buried. We dug and dug all over the island, but me and my crew could not find a single gold ducat. The only thing we found was a little, feisty monkey, who lived on the island all by himself. It would have offended my pirate’s pride to leave the island without the slightest prey. So I took the little monkey with me and named him “Chango”.

From this day on Chango has never left my side. We became best friends. Chango was always on board with me and accompanied me, Chaptain Splash, and the whole pirates’ crew on our wild adventures.

Come and visit us in our new pirates’ hamlet in the Aquapulco – the pirates’ world in Bad Schallerbach!

Arr! Captain Splash & Chango