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Rules for pirates in the adventure park

Ahoy, water rats!

I, Captain Splash, welcome you in my pirates’ world! I hope you have a great stay in the Auquapulco, have fun!

In order to make you feel comfortable, I implemented some rules for my pirates, which should be complied. Aye!?

Rules in the Aquapulco pirates’ world

  • You only have access to the Aquapulco with a valid medium (access watch).
  • The medium has to be kept carefully, best on the wrist, because it will be needed at the pirates’ world entrance and exit. In case of loss, we will charge a compensatory fee of €24.00. Not used VIP card credit cannot be refunded, because it will lose its validity.
  • In case of an abuse of the access authority the medium will be withdrawn.
  • Pirates, who suffer from contagious diseases, rushes or open wounds, drunken people or people with dirty clothes or bodies, are not allowed to access Aquapulco! Arr!
  • There are no city shoes allowed in the barefoot area.
  • Please choose swimwear in consideration of the other Aquapulco pirates and by order of the pool attendants (Captain Look).
  • Before accessing the pool facilities, every pirate should take a shower.
  • Pirates under the age of 6 can only access the Aquapulco if accompanied by their parents.
  • There is no refund in case of operational holdup at any attraction or sliding facilities.
  • The use of the water attractions in the Aquapulco is at one’s own risk and parents are responsible for their children.
  • The operator cannot be held responsible for any damages (not even on swimwear), which was caused because of contempt of the rules, signs or advices by the pool attendants (Captain Look) or because of actual fault of the aggrieved party, act of God or third parties. The stated guidelines have to be complied.
  • Group visits: school classes have to be accompanied by a legal guardian, associations and other organisations have to be accompanied by a responsible official, who have to take care, that all the rules are complied (compulsory attendance!). He/she has to take care or a good understanding with my pool attendants (Captain Look), because the bathing activities are not to be disturbed.
  • We will not take responsibility for slight negligence by our pool attendants.
  • The pool rules and the instructions by the pool attendants (Captain Look) have to be followed in order to ensure proper and calm activities. Counteracting parties can be forced to leave the premises without a refund of the entrance fee, with full reserve to all following claims and can be banned from the premises.
  • The use of seating and lying surfaces, especially in the gastronomy area, is, because of hygienic reasons, only allowed with a towel or a bathrobe.
  • The Aquapulco operators can only held responsible for left items at the pirates’ world, especially money or valuables, according to the legal and insurance regulations. This is only the case, if the items were kept in a locker.
  • In order to ensure unrestricted recreation to all the pirates in the pirates’ world, we only allow a certain number of visitors to the Aquapulco. As soon as the limit is reached, no more pirates can be allowed at the Aquapulco.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring their own food or drinks.
  • The use of the parking facilities is at one’s own risk.

If you comply with the regulations at the Aquapulco pirates’ world, you will have a action and fun packed day!

Have fun in the Aquapulco – the pirates’ world!