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Aquapark in Austria with 5 slides

In the Aquapulco pirates’ world you can expect awesome sliding fun. Experience adventure on the five long and exciting slides in the Bad Schallerbach Aquapark:

Adventure Slides at Aquapulco


One hell of a trip for the bravest pirates among you; for those, who don’t even get intimidated by the threat “I will make you go off the high dive”. This slide is not for ordinary seamen or scaredy-pants! Slide down quickly like an arrow with a 50% slope! And when speed is written all over your face, a *click* sound will be heard!

Take a snapshot of your power dive in the Aquapark in Bad Schallerbach home with you.


Enjoy the family sliding fun on the world’s longest sssssssssnake. And don’t forget to say “cheeeese” as you go downwards! We take a picture of you in motion for your photo album. You can see the snapshot as soon as you get “spat out” by the Snaky.

Die Krake

"The octopus" - an action-packed slide adventure – rush on double tires right through the tentacles of the octopus and a stranded pirate ship.
Including computer-animated effects, time measurement and gold ducats! Moreover, they say "smile!", because a picture is also taken here!


The multimedia sensual orgy in the dark with timekeeping. Enjoy sliding whilst trying to beat the best time. Like a cannonball you swish downwards through the dark pipe into the outdor pool. Your orientation will be challenged. True sea bears amongst you will have a “Shanty”, a sailor’s song, on their lips and will sing during this thrill of speed. Who will be the fastest pirate?


About 20,000 litres per minute flush you through the rapids and grottos. The ultimate splash experience for you and all of your pirates friends, who can’t get enough of the white water. And who knows, maybe you will be told, at which secret place in the Aquapulco, the aqua-park in Austria, a treasure can be found. Because it’s the treasure hunt that determines every pirate’s life.